My work straddles the worlds of farming, flora and fashion, while playing with ideas of decoration, beauty and sensuality, converting these humble forms into symbols of honor, dignity, and significance. I connect vegetables and flowers to my memories of family and to a deep sense of belonging and purpose. My grandparents and parents were avid gardeners and I grew up following them around lush gardens and fields that helped feed our entire family for the year. We always ended up in the kitchen, where I had a small job of chopping vegetables, shucking corn or setting the table for dinner. By considering commonplace items in a new and unusual way, I hope to arouse a sense of wonder, appreciation, and concern for the environment, as well as the need for more sustainable food sources. There is something mysterious and exciting about these oversized botanical images with their dual nature being simultaneously familiar yet other-worldly and ethereal. These bright, billowing shapes of ordinary forms, when depicted in vibrant, high-frequency hues are simply impossible to ignore, demanding full attention. These dynamic organic shapes transform any space into a garden, a sacred and natural space, inviting viewers into a psychedelic spring.